Getting students to and through college.


98 percent enroll-0195% of our College Access Program students enroll directly in college following high school.
92% of our college students in the Success Program have persisted to their 2nd year.


The cornerstone of Higher Edge’s model is sustained, one-on-one relationships between advisors and students. Through a results-driven curriculum, we empower students to take ownership of their future and provide them the tools they need to successfully navigate the college experience. Preparation to embark on a successful college journey begins with an intense year of college admissions coaching allowing students to make informed decisions.

Our Students

3x3x-more-likely-01 more likely to go to a four-year institution than their peers

Once entering our program, seniors raise their GPA by .32

We are incredibly saddened by the violence and senseless racism that has affected black communities for generations. Higher Edge’s mission is aimed at leveling the playing field, of supporting young people in our community who are our country’s future. We believe that Black History should be a requirement – not elective – in every school across the country. And that the time to enact policies to end systemic racism and racial inequalities is now.

We commit to working with community partners to advance racial equity in public education; to listening; to educating; to being anti-racist, and to taking action to do the hard work necessary for lasting, meaningful change.

Higher Edge
Board of Directors and Team