Getting students to and through college.


98 percent enroll-0195% of our College Access Program students enroll directly in college following high school.
92% of our college students in the Success Program have persisted to their 2nd year.


The cornerstone of Higher Edge’s model is sustained, one-on-one relationships between advisors and students. Through a results-driven curriculum, we empower students to take ownership of their future and provide them the tools they need to successfully navigate the college experience. Preparation to embark on a successful college journey begins with an intense year of college admissions coaching allowing students to make informed decisions.

Our Students

3x3x-more-likely-01 more likely to go to a four-year institution than their peers

Once entering our program, seniors raise their GPA by .32

Dear Higher Edge Community,

As we look toward the future and the start of the upcoming academic year; we are announcing that Higher Edge will continue working virtually. While it had been our hope to open the office to our students and conduct on campus visits; the safety of our students and staff remains at the forefront of our work. Our small community just presents too many moving parts – Students attend 7 different high schools and almost 20 different college/university campuses.

Of course; we continuously monitor guidelines set forth by the CDC, state of Connecticut and local cities/towns in which our offices are located. Reassessments will be made as necessary and any changes will be shared accordingly.

Finally, we miss you! The office has been quiet for the last 17 months. The energy from events and the buzz of students talking and laughing cannot be replaced over Zoom. However, the virtual programming our advisors created during the pandemic proved to have far reaching positive impacts.

We cannot wait until COVID is safely behind us so that we can once again fully focus on advising and get back together!

In Community,
The Higher Edge Team
-Katie, Jason & Kayla