Getting students to and through college.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Higher Edge?
The college process can be intimidating and overwhelming. Our staff do an amazing job of breaking it down into manageable pieces. Most importantly, we create relationships that will follow you through college until you earn a degree.

Who is eligible?
Higher Edge focuses on students who will be the first in their family to graduate from college, and students who receive free/reduced lunch. Preference is given to New London residents.

How do I apply?
We begin recruiting a new class of students each February. All interested high school juniors can complete and submit their application through our website.

When is the deadline to apply?
We accept up to 40 students for our New London program, and up to 30 students in our Windham program. Therefore, applications are accepted until each incoming cohort is full – which usually occurs by the end of April.

How often do you meet with students?
Higher Edge College Access Program students meet with their advisor a minimum of fourteen times during their senior year of high school. There are also events and workshops that Higher Edge students attend throughout the year in addition to their one-on-ones, including Summer Institute, a multi-day orientation at the end of the summer before your senior year.

Are parents involved in the program?
Yes. We encourage involvement from parents. We present several workshops for parents, including Parent Orientation, our Family FAFSA Workshop, and College Decision Meetings.

What if my parents don’t speak English?
Higher Edge staff are bilingual in English and Spanish. We also have volunteers who speak Haitian Creole.

We are incredibly saddened by the violence and senseless racism that has affected black communities for generations. Higher Edge’s mission is aimed at leveling the playing field, of supporting young people in our community who are our country’s future. We believe that Black History should be a requirement – not elective – in every school across the country. And that the time to enact policies to end systemic racism and racial inequalities is now.

We commit to working with community partners to advance racial equity in public education; to listening; to educating; to being anti-racist, and to taking action to do the hard work necessary for lasting, meaningful change.

Higher Edge
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